Retro Tibetan Black Beads Carve Mantra Om Mani Amulet Bracelet

  • A traditional symbol to protect luck and wealth, with mighty mythical design, good fortune will accompany you
  • The bracelets elegantly designed and believed to be filled with strong power, strength and spirituality.
  • The bracelet is elastic and can be adjusted flexibly, one size fits for most people, both men and women, each bead is 12 mm in diameter
  • The Mantra Om Mani Amulet Bracelet is a nice gift for your friends or loved ones
  • As for one of treasures in Buddhism, Om Mani Amulet Bracelet collects strong power in itself and has been used as a source of talismans or amulets since ancient times
  • It releases you form pressures, fatigue and other negative energies.



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